The Most Important Reason to get Professional Real Estate Photos & Video on Every Listing

If you said anything other than branding, you’re wrong.

When everything across your virtual presence is consistent, high-quality, & just flat out beautiful, it speaks volumes about you as a real estate professional.

It says “hey, I know what I’m doing. I know how to market.”

Professional photography is not about selling the home you’re getting shot today. It’s about the next home.

The work that you get done today is what you show the next potential listing client.

It keeps your pipeline full, because you’ve leveraged the branding aspect across all your listings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a $4,000,00 luxury property, or a $500,000 2 bedroom in not that great of condition.

The 13% of realtors who make it past 5 years know that it’s the quality of the services that they hire that brings them to the level of top producer.

It shows that they’re a quality agent and they know how to do real marketing. Those are the agents that get hired to do more listings.

People will know what to expect when working with you, they know they’ll get professional photos, they know they’ll get video that highlights the key areas of their home, created for social media ads and other media platforms for everyone to see, they know they can get the virtual tour.

Every possible point of contact that a home can get to attract potential buyers, they know you’ll cover it.

They know they’ll get professional quality and service across the board, and that’s the solution I’m here to provide to you.

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