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Perfect For Your Vacation Rental Property | $440 Value​
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$2,230 Value | When You Need It All
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Everything You Need For Marketing | $849 Value​
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The Best Luxury Property Bundle | $1,473 Value​
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Important Information

- Editing fee is included in price, which includes standard retouching. Any additional photoshop editing is charged @ $10/photo.
- Photos are available 24 hours after the shoot, available for download after payment has been complete
- Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours of notice incur a $200 cancellation fee. Please show up, or have your clients be ready!
- Pricing is intended for Residential Real Estate Agents

Prices include up to 50 miles of round-trip travel. We bill over 50 miles round trip at $1 per mile from the center of Marina, CA @ $1/mile

Please check out our pre-shoot checklist below. Following this checklist ensures maximum quality of deliverables & the efficiency of our photographers & videographers. We are not cleaners & we shoot properties as is. The property must be photo ready by your reserved photography session's time. If our photographers must wait for your sellers to finish cleaning or clearing the house, a minimum fee of $50 can be applied to the total cost of your session.

If the sellers do not vacate the property and we must navigate around them or their pets, a minimum charge of $50 can be applied to the total cost of your session.

If after delivery of materials, you notice items you wish would have been cleared before photos, we will photoshop most items out of a photo at a charge of $10 minimum per Photoshopped photograph.

Please see all terms & conditions below.